2334 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94703

The Bancroft House near CAL Berkeley
Units 4
Parking 8
Area 9,600sq. ft.
Completion Date May 2010
Architect JSW/D Architects
General Contractor Kaufman Construction
General Contractor


Project Description

Bancroft House, formerly known as Canterbury House, is a total-rehabilitation of four conjoined flats completed in May 2010. The Property, originally constructed in 1904, was in a significant state of disrepair and uninsurable when the developer was approached by the non-profit owner, the Canterbury Foundation, to explore a long-term ground lease of the site. Through the long-term ground lease, Canterbury secured long-term financing for its Episcopal campus ministry program while the developer secured the land at a low basis.

Bancroft House provides lodging for 32 students at a superior, near campus location in a building that is seismically improved with modern life safety systems. All units are leased furnished, making it a convenient option for new and transfer students at UC Berkeley. The building’s proximity to UC’s Recreational Sports Facility has also attracted UC athletes as tenants.